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2015 So long since I/we have managed to get back to the website. We did have many problems with our package but hopefully sorted now.
As you will see, no webcam. This was removed by the police some time ago as we didn't realise we had to have a license and it had to be issued for the building the camera was on. This was not possible for us so we are really sorry and know it is such a loss for many of you.

22nd October 2012 The webcam is now working again. Hope you enjoy.
Also I think today maybe the first day of the winter after the most glorious October for many years. Weeks and weeks of temperatures in the low 30's with no wind and night time temperatures very pleasantly warm (this is Lyn so it must have been warm!!). Today rain and thunder storms, still no wind, but day time fleece weather. 
I have started on the new web site, going through many pictures, but still can't get the front page right. We, or you, will see!

6th May 2011 The season has started and as we are very busy the new site will be put off until the autumn.

24th April 2011
We have been building a new web site but with many problems. We hope to give you more of an update soon.

18th May 2010
Long time - no update!! Unfortunately we didn't realise that our web site provider did not support Mac and having changed to Mac, this presented problems. However we have discovered a work around and here we are again. Web cam now working, waiting for us to install new camera, which we shall be doing soon.

25th September 2009
Hooray! After so many months of not being able to make any changes due to a glitch in 1&1's software, with huge thanks to Randolf, at 1&1, we are now able to update the web site. So we will be adding some fresh photos soon.

4th July 2009
The web cam will be switched off shortly to be re-located to a more interesting position.
Hopefully this will be an easy process and it will be operational again within a day, but our apologies, in advance, if we encounter some technical problems and it takes a little longer.

6th December It is Agios Nikolaos day and the church bells have been, and will be, ringing at Agios Nikolaos church in Livadia.

4th Century AD (exact dates vary, approx 270-343AD) priest/bishop born in Patara, died in Myra both in Southern Turkey when it was inhabited by the Greeks.

He is the patron saint of Greece and protector of sailors and seamen and has also been adopted as the patron saint of many places (including Liverpool), organisations and professions, including the oldest one in the world.

It has been said that his clothes are soaked with brine, his beard always dripping with seawater, and his face covered with perspiration because he has been fighting storms to reach sinking ships and save men from drowning. Greek ships often carry an icon of St. Nicholas, as he is regarded as master of wind and storm. Also he is the patron saint of children and recognized for his great generosity, therefore revered as the great protector and the feast of St. Nicholas is one of great devotion.

According to legend his wealthy parents, who raised him to be a devout Christian, died in an epidemic while Nicholas was still young. His mother and father taught him to be generous to others, especially those in need. So Nicholas came to see that helping others makes one richer in life than anything else and therefore used his whole inheritance to assist the needy, the sick, and the suffering.

Saint Nicholas is highly revered in many European countries and because of his legends, especially as a bringer of gifts, the festival is still widely celebrated by the giving of gifts to children on this day. In many cases a boot or shoe is put out by the children on the eve of Dec 5th and filled with small gifts and sweets. In Greece money is donated for all children sick or in need.

At some point christian society decided to merge the festival with Christmas and it is easy to see where the legend of Santa Claus came from.

For those of you checking the web cam you might just be able to see the illuminated stars across the road outside our house. Yes the blurs! It's because of the limitations of the camera causing over-exposure. View just as lights go on about 1500hrs GMT.

14th November This last week or so has seen the arrival of the new service bus, the extension to the periptero for winter protection and the yearly 'haircut' at the Omonia. Check 'Tilos Photos'.
Apart from a small two day blip of some cloud we are enjoying a very clear and very warm/hot spell of weather that has lasted since the beginning of October. That may sound good but unfortunately no rain means the olives are not filling out as they should.  Everyone is just waiting for the rain, but the olives have started dropping and mostly they are small and shivelled.

28th October Today is 'oxi' day. This is a national holiday in Greece when most public buildings and houses are decorated with the Greek flag and there are military, student and school parades all over Greece.
Traditionally this celebrates the day that Greece said NO.
In 1935 King George II was restored to the Greek throne and in August 1936 he appointed the right wing general, Ioannis Metaxas, prime minister. With the kings’ consent, nine months later Metaxas assumed dictatorial powers under the pretext of preventing a communist-inspired republican coup.
During the Italian German alliance, it was Metaxas in 1940 who was given the ultimatum by Mussolinis’ Ambassador Emanuele Grazzi to allow Italian troops to enter Greek territory from Albania, which at the time was an Italian protectorate, and occupy certain unspecified "strategic locations" or otherwise face war.
With the Italian forces outnumbering Greek by more than two to one, with 10 times the fire power and total air supremacy, it was an historic moment for Metaxas answer.
On the morning of October 28th 1940 Metaxas said 'OXI' supported by the Greek population who took to the streets with the same cry and therefore signalled the entrance of Greece into WW II.
Although Tilos is small there is a military parade followed by celebrations, but on mainland Greece and some islands this is often a spectacle not to be missed with many organised street activities.

16th June Yesterday and today are Greek holidays and Tilos is full of Greek visitors celebrating Whit Monday i.e.
Pentecost is one of the prominent feasts in the Christian liturgical year, and regarded as the birthday of the Christian Church. Celebrated the 49th day (7 weeks) after Easter Sunday—or the 50th day, inclusively, whence its name is derived from the Greek (5 being pente). Pentecost falls on the tenth day after Ascension Thursday. Historically and symbolically related to the Jewish harvest festival of Shavuot, it commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus as described in the Book of Acts, Chapter 2. Pentecost is also called Whitsun, Whitsunday, or Whit Sunday, especially in the United Kingdom.

We have added our first link to an outside site for your enjoyment. It shows all movement of sea craft in the Aegean where there are beacons to pick up the signal. Unfortunately the actual harbours of Tilos and Symi are out of range at the moment, so boats disappear off the screen when entering the bay, but it's still fun. Try zooming in to Rhodes harbour and then try the 'Satellite' view.

26th May
Sea Star arrived last night and made it's first transfer this morning

UPDATE at 1705 Must have the foot flat down. Sea Star has just passed Amorgos so could be in Tilos before 2100 hrs (gmt+2)!
24th May 1414hrs (gmt+2) Sea Star left Piraeus just over an hour ago and is headed for the Dodecanese. Destination Rodos but will maybe call into Tilos on its way, probably about 2200hrs (gmt+2) if it gets a smooth ride.

23rd May
F/B Proteus coming back, see 'When to Look'. Sea Star still in Piraeus!

12th May

Rumour Sea Star back next Wednesday !!!!

7th May
Apologies for not updating the site for a few weeks, especially the ferries.

7th April
Check the 'When to Look' for ferry news.
This week watched a pair of herons, Ardea cinerea, arrive and check out the resevoir which now has about a meter of water. Another dry winter. Lyn saw a rather dosey whipsnake, Coluber jugularis, over 1.2m. but not dosey enough to get a photo. WILL add some other photos later today or tomorrow.

1st April
Weather was colder last week but we were still out and about taking photos and spotting Hoopoes. Check the photo page. We were also trying to identify an unusually marked bird of prey and after 'stalking' it all week Iain is pretty sure it is a Marsh Harrier but a very light variety. Also spotted a Hen Harrier, 2 Long-legged Buzzards, a couple of Kestrels and many swifts and swallows, but most remarkably, two pairs of Bonelli's eagles occupying the same air space over Paleo Kastro. A wonderful display for 10 to 15 minutes.

24th March 2008
Out clearing paths this weekend (*) with frequent stops to take photos. These are now in the Tilos Photos tab.
The spider is only blurred because, if you look carefully, you will see she is carrying her eggs in a cocoon at the back by her spinnerets, but before laying eggs she spins a web over the top of her burrow for protection. When the multitude of babies hatch she then carries them on her back for about a month until they are big enough to eat her and leave home. True.
(*)Some thoughts on cairn placing. Whilst cairns have long been a simple and effective method of marking a way, excessive cairn building, every 3 - 5 meters and placed in or too close to the path, is totally unnecessary. It contributes to MORE rubble in the paths when, during the winter, these stones end up IN the path because of weather erosion and goats jumping over them. Possibly a more productive way of using your energy would be to place these stones in lines either side of the paths, thus making the way more obvious AND clearing the paths at the same time. This would also leave us more time to clean and clear more areas. Sensible cairn placing is brilliant but maybe also take into account where walkers of different shapes and sizes would want to place their hand or foot.
Check out tomorrow - 25th March. It is a National Holiday celebrating the start of the Greek War of Independence, sometimes known as the Greek Revolution, on 25th March 1821 against the Ottoman Empire. Finally independence was granted by the Treaty of Constantinople in July 1832. It is also the anniversary of the Annunciaton of the Virgin Mary so a double big day.
There will be celebrations all over Greece with church services and on Tilos, followed by the schoolchildren performing traditional music and dancing in the Heroes Square (beside the police station). Maybe catch a sight of them on the web cam!

15th March 2008
Had to put these photo's on because this is the best display of Freesias I have seen on Tilos and there are still hundreds in bud. The rest of the flowers have been rather poor this winter with late flowering and relatively poor shows of cyclamen, anemones and poppies but the daisies are prolific.


10th March 2008
Clean Monday - thats today and what a lovely day we had. We were all outside and apart from a short morning shower the sun shone all day.
Megali Sarakosti, the season of Great Lent, the seventh Monday before Easter. Traditionally it is a day of fast (no meat, eggs or dairy products) when Christians were called upon to begin the holy season with 'clean hearts and good intentions', coming to terms with their lives and redirecting themselves to a more holy and righteous way of living. This was also a time when housewives cleaned their houses and all their kitchen utensils after the preceding 3 weeks of 'Carnival'  parties.
In modern day Greece because Clean Monday is considered the first day of spring, Greeks tend to celebrate less by fasting and prayer and more by outdoor activities and picnics. Traditional foods this day include octopus, olives, and shrimp. In addition to picnics, traditional outdoor activities include flying kites, dancing, and music.

7th March 2008
On the 7 March 1948, Tilos as with all the Dodecanese, was reunited with the rest of Greece, making today the 60th Anniversary of reunification. After approximately 400 years the Dodecanese became officially Greek once more. So today, church services of thanks and in Livadia a parade from Ag. Nikolas to the square.

31stJanuary 2008

Before the next storm arrived, when we went to see what the 'surfin' would be like at
Ag. Andonis.






A force 9 gale that stopped all the Greek passenger ferries for 2 days, but we were lucky we just got the wind. Northern Athens and the mainland had blizzards.

30th January 2008

Well after the last storm we managed to get 3 days of BEAUTIFUL weather during which we took these -

And also saw these!!!

23rd January 2008

LATEST ferry update:- The Blue Star NAXOS has replaced the Diagoras from 21st Jan 2008 for a few weeks while the Diagoras undergoes it's yearly service. The Naxos is a slightly smaller but much faster ship, Piraeus to Tilos in 13.25 hrs and Rodos to Tilos in 1hr 55mins!!!! (Leaving times are the same from Athens and Rodos). It has been designed, I think, for shorter journeys and therefore not so comfortable if travelling from Athens. Also the dreaded 'fast food' burger bar has replaced the normal fairly decent restaurant usually to be found on Greek ferries!! However Tilos and its visitors will remain ever thankful that we seem to have a very good service this winter.

The weather today not so pleasant, a couple of photos from Eristos for you taken this afternoon. This evening thunder and lightning.
    Yep, we have southerly winds today.       Not the best place today to come over the
                                                                    saddle after the Monastery walk!!
                       The goats finding a man made shelter at Ag. Andonis!

09th December 2007

What a horrible weekend, cold, wet and windy and it gets dark so early now.

23rd November 2007

4 o'clock in the afternoon and still warm enough for a swim, Lyn just made it before the shadows started across Red Beach and the Proteus passed by.


19th November 2007

Today at 1204 and 1217GMT I took the following pictures and hastily stitched them together. As I was taking the first one we noticed that the webcam was panning so someone was watching. Iain said we should post these so that you could all see because it is fairly unusual to have horizontal rain (it even turned to hail before the second photo) with VERY strong winds. Normally the wind stops when the rain starts but today the rain brought the wind. However it is fairly normal, and we still find surprising, that the sun follows very quickly.

BUT  13 minutes later we had full sunshine again

30th October 2007

Link 2


This is the latest published news - the search in Google being
'Filipino man sought in yacht murder mystery'

The yacht is still in the harbour (can be seen on the webcam) and has been cordoned off and protected since it was towed there on Friday 26th Oct.

Today there was a launch from Rhodes with officials that seemed to have removed all the personal possesions of the crew with a diver who surveyed the hull.

26th October 2007

Link 1

Follow this link to- International Herald Tribune Europe - to read the latest report on the Tilos Yacht Deaths.
The yacht is now in the harbour. See on webcam.


If the link doesn't work for any reason put a search into Google for- International Herald Tribune Europe Tilos -and the first entry will be 2 people found dead etc.