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As with all walking it is not easy to assess the ability and degree of fitness needed on each type of path. What would be considered a stroll in easier and cooler climates can suddenly become 'challenging' when faced with uneven ground and no shade in high temperatures. Because of the terrain and climate encountered in the SE Dodecanese islands it has not been easy to categorise the paths on Tilos but we have made a pretty good stab at it and graded the walks in 3 bands to give you some idea:-

Introductory - Designed to be achievable by the majority of people and allow for acclimatisation to the heat. Up to approx. 3hrs walking.

Moderate - Involve longer walks where parts of the path are indistinct and include slightly tougher terrain with some short steeper gradients on walks rising up to approx 250m. Attainable by anyone leading a fairly active life. Up to approx. 5hrs walking.

Challenging - For the keener or more serious walker with a higher level of fitness and the ability walk on consecutive days. These are ‘Moderate’ walks that are longer and higher, up to 651m, and will have sections of difficult terrain. Up to approx. 7hrs walking.

VERY IMPORTANT -PLEASE NOTE and record in your mobile phone AND remember.

For those of you not aware, there is an emergency telephone number for all of Europe and many other countries in the world.


gets you through to an operator who will connect you through to the appropriate emergency service depending on the circumstances. It is FREE and works even if the phone is locked or password protected. It is should only be used in extreme emergencies where no one else can be contacted or made to understand.

Lone walkers should always carry a mobile when they can AND make sure it has good battery life AND leave it switched on. You may want peace and quiet but if there is a problem, searchers can use it to help locate you.

However it is still very important to inform someone, ANYONE, where you are going and when you expect to be back. A shopkeeper when you buy water but whoever you choose, DO remember to check back in with them. Some establishments provide a book in reception for this purpose.